Rally Against the CIA’s Crimes

by Stanford Says No to War

On Wednesday the 11th at 11:15 a.m. outside of the Stanford Career Development Center, there will be a protest against the info session given by the CIA.

At the heart of this action is an interrogation of the university’s role in the global community.

The CIA has violated international law, perpetrated gross crimes against humanity and committed human rights violations, including killing US citizens. So at this forever happy sunny place where knowledge is produced and disseminated, should the CIA be allowed to recruit the talents it needs?

Well, for some of us the answer is a loud clear “no.” We believe the university does not answer to its board of trustees or corporations, but the needs of global democracy, so it must condemn actors that show contempt for human lives and international law.

So please come and join us, or at least come and share with us your views This is how we make the university ours – to make it work for democracy.

About Stanford Says No to War:

We are a group of students and members of the Stanford community who have come together to work for peace and justice.

Believing in fundamental human rights and the preciousness of all human life, we welcome all people who oppose aggression, militarism, war crimes and war criminals.

We will work to create an inclusive, tolerant, respectful environment that engages with issues facing us in the world, and breaks the silence on the serious questions war raises in our community.

We will work, through nonviolent and peaceful means, to make Stanford a better place in a better world: free of war criminals, free of war profiteers, a place of knowledge and learning for peaceful ends, and aware of the role that the university, and more broadly the United States, plays in the world.

We will show that a better world is possible.

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