We welcome any and all submissions that reflect our mission of creating a space for progressive-minded Stanford activists to share ideas, stories, and events.

Please send your potential posts to

Our editors will work with you to create something fierce and beautiful.

When submitting, be sure to include the following:

  • Your name + affiliation with Stanford
  • A brief bio about yourself (in the 3rd person, please!)
  • A relevant image to accompany the piece (this is optional, but highly encouraged!)

There is no word limit, and no restrictions other than that your piece should reflect our aforementioned mission. If you want help writing a piece, please email us and we will help you through the process!

Need ideas of what to submit? Here are a few. Send us:

  • A revolutionary piece of art
  • Your thoughts on Occupy Stanford
  • A shameless plug for your student group
  • The video of that spoken word performance
    where everyone goes apeshit over your metaphors
  • A response to something you read in The Review
  • A critical reading of that problematic romcom you just saw
  • A paragraph or two about what “activism” means to you
  • A particularly poignant political Facebook status
  • That haiku tweet about your radical queer
    anti-racist feminist vegan yoga retreat
  • An essay you wrote for class
  • A rant about Stanford
  • Whatever you want!

Submit away!

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