Comment Policy

STATIC uses WordPress which has us moderate all comments. If your comment does not appear on the site, it may be for a number of reasons:

1. The person moderating comments may be busy and your comment will appear soon.

2. Comments may be accidentally marked as spam. Spambots make a lot of comments with very generic content, such as “I learned a lot from this post!” Such comments are fine but it helps to put your name; if it is marked as spam we may find it in the spam folder much later, or never notice it.

3. Explicitly insulting, demeaning language. We do not wish to stop a conversation merely because it is uncivil or contains dirty language. However, at the point when one person is not showing respect for the humanity of another, we may not approve that comment. Examples include but are not limited to racial slurs, transphobic slurs, misogynist slurs, abelist slurs, classist slurs, and homophobic slurs, used against anyone else.

4. Comments phrased in civil language but made for the purpose of attacking an individual rather than addressing their points.

5. Comments may be deleted for the protection of a writer. Reasons for this may include but are not limited to violation of privacy and PTSD triggers.

STATIC welcomes discussions on our blog and hopes that dialogue will continue to grow. It is very rare that we will not approve a comment. However, we refuse to compromise the mental health of our contributors for the purpose of open discussion. You are always welcome to rethink and rephrase your comment. It may be marked automatically for spam but we will probably see it.

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