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Latoya Peterson on the Power of Blog Posts

by Lina Schmidt, ’15

latoyaLast week, STATIC hosted a talk with Latoya Peterson, the owner and editor of Racialicious.com. Latoya, who is currently a Knight Journalism Fellow at Stanford, addressed a large audience in El Centro Chicano. She discussed her experiences with writing, particularly the successes and challenges of writing about popular culture from a critical feminist and anti-racist perspective.

Writing was not immediately Latoya’s career. She emphasized that being a working writer isn’t necessarily the result of a college degree, talking instead about what motivates her to write. Often, she said, she begins with an idea that she can’t get out of her head. It is this — a reaction to something — that provides the raw material for a piece. Writing for Racialicious, a blog that focuses on the intersection of race and popular culture, there is always something to critique. However, calling out racism in mainstream culture can make a writer into a target. Continue reading

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by Aracely Mondragon, ’13

"Nepantlera" – Celia Herrera Rodriguez

quedan 4 minutos con 36 segundos en esta llamada

The process of calling my ‘ama
Acaso no vivo en esa llamada?
esperando desde el otro lado
viviendo en mi fantasía
que tengo alas y vuelo
muy pero muy cerca del sol
adonde abro mis colores
que bailo
con la mujer de libertad
hasta cruzar su mirada
y otras más frías
hay a quienes
les molesta
todo mi revoloteo
me quieren enjaular
convertir mi jardin en invierno
y cuando eso pasa
solo sueño
que vuelo sur
y allí vuelvo a nacer Continue reading

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