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A Bit About Habla

by Blane, ’15


Every time I look back on my high school years, I always find something moving about my experience that I took for-granted at the time. One of these things is the warm relationship my classmates and I had with the janitors at our school. Many of them were more than familiar faces to us. Whenever we saw them, we acknowledged them by name, and even took a few moments to exchange jokes or stories. During one of our “morning meetings”, a daily assembly before school, I still remember the moment we gave our head janitors a cake to show our appreciation.

Since I have been on Stanford’s campus, vastly larger than my high school’s, I have gotten the sense that janitors are anonymous to most of the Stanford community. Continue reading

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Stop Layoffs and Managerial Abuse at Stanford Hospital and Clinics

by the Stanford Labor Action Coalition

STOP unfair layoffs, 
BLOCK salary and benefit cuts due to subcontracting, and 
END harassment of workers and unrealistic speed-ups. 


Over the past few months, outsourcing and subcontracting at Stanford Hospital and Clinics (SHC) has threatened the jobs of dozens of workers. SHC has recently laid off over a dozen janitorial workers and plans to lay off more by the end of this year. At the School of Medicine, SHC laid off thirteen of its original thirty-eight housekeeping assistants. Of the remaining twenty-five workers, sixteen have been given provisional employment until October 2013 (at which point they will most likely be laid off), and nine have been converted to “float workers” with no guarantee of permanent employment.

These layoffs have forced severe work speed-ups and paved the way for jobs to be outsourced to a subcontractor, despite the fact that subcontractors on campus consistently provide fewer benefits, lower wages, and worse working conditions. Continue reading

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