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Dismantling the Myths Behind Planned Parenthood

by Kelsey Dayton, ’15

On October 10th, the Stanford Democrats hosted a discussion with Lupe Rodriguez, Director of Public Affairs Planned Parenthood Mar Monte.

Planned Parenthood is a non-profit health services provider that should be an obvious beneficiary of public gratitude and federal funding. Instead, for the past three decades it has symbolized the partisan debate over abortion. As such, the very phrase “Planned Parenthood” has come to connote every possible stereotype, prejudice, and caricature that pro-choice advocates in the fierce abortion debate can think of. This treatment is unqualified and unjust for an organization that helps the young people that society neglects and never talks about. While the brand name gets assaulted in the political arena, those it seeks to help remain silent or, if they choose to speak out, unheeded.

Planned Parenthood addresses a critical problem in America, a problem inflated by a modern ideological culture war. Some people believe that by not addressing anything related to sex— protection options, possible diseases, pregnancy risk— all sex-related issues in the country will magically disappear. This is, not surprisingly, untrue. Continue reading

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Stanford: Get Out The Vote!

WHEN:  Friday, November 2nd. 12-1 PM.

WHERE: White Plaza.

WHAT:  A rally to get out the vote in support of President Obama!  Come join us to get FIRED UP and watch speeches from the likes of STEVE WESTLY, MICHAEL TUBBS ’12, ERIC SMALLS ’16 and many more!  Also, there will be FREE OBAMA GEAR.  Come early for music from Andy Stuhl and to grab the OBAMA SWAG before it disappears!!  Come and bring your friends!

BE THERE OR BE… A REPUBLICAN. Continue reading
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