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Ducks and Doors

by Abaho Katabarwa, ’15

Hi, I’m Abaho. You may see or may not see me around. I’m weird. I was born in Uganda, East Africa, and I’m African through and through, but I lived most of my cognizant life in Atlanta, Georgia. I like to exercise, read books, and listen to music (OMG Abaho you are special and unique at Stanford!) I don’t really have much to say about myself. I was born and sooner or later I will die (barring any bionic body technology that sustains our brains past the degradation of our original bodies) . Therefore Y.O.L.O, L.O.V.E, H.N.I.C, and remember to keep a well laundered sock draw.

Okay I admit it. I am one of those cynical people. Those that see a treasure and question its worth to the point that they overlook its beauty.

The “Stanford down” (I’ll explain what that is.) just added fodder to my cynicism. Prior to enrolling, I was enthralled by the tales of grandeur of the whole place. When I first stepped foot on campus, I remember thinking that I was in some kind of dream. I felt like I could float just a little bit, and everything was covered by some surreal aura. I couldn’t believe that this place existed, and I couldn’t believe that I made it here.

Stanford and I had that honeymoon period. Sometimes we’d just steal stares and knowingly giggle at each other (It was more like the giddy period.). We were so in love. But we all know that that can’t last forever. Continue reading

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