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by Aracely Mondragon, ’13

"Nepantlera" – Celia Herrera Rodriguez

quedan 4 minutos con 36 segundos en esta llamada

The process of calling my ‘ama
Acaso no vivo en esa llamada?
esperando desde el otro lado
viviendo en mi fantasía
que tengo alas y vuelo
muy pero muy cerca del sol
adonde abro mis colores
que bailo
con la mujer de libertad
hasta cruzar su mirada
y otras más frías
hay a quienes
les molesta
todo mi revoloteo
me quieren enjaular
convertir mi jardin en invierno
y cuando eso pasa
solo sueño
que vuelo sur
y allí vuelvo a nacer Continue reading

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Collective Healing

by Aracely Mondragon, ’13

“Chicana Birth” by Irene Jor, ’13

My name is Aracely Mondragon and I am…

I am stories
Of arduous walks
Across a cruel and thieving desert
Of being smuggled in a stereobox
Holding your breath
Praying to the virgencita

I am fetters
On my parent’s wrists and necks
That keep them immobile
Their humanity defined
In terms of legality Continue reading

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Stop Polo’s Deportation

by Mary Glen Frederick, ’12

I am writing with a very pressing need. I need your help to protect a family and draw attention to a horrible violation of human rights.

About a week and a half ago Polo, a man we know, was taken into custody for a traffic violation. Polo is undocumented, and has been deported once before. He was picked up by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) on Thursday, and is facing deportation in the next couple of days. Polo has been in the US for 18 years, started his own business, employs and supports many others, has two young daughters, and needs to stay in this country! PLEASE sign this petition to stop Polo’s deportation, and help protect Polo and his family.


And read this blog post (written by my awesome Mom!) to know more about Polo’s story.
http://herestothevillage.blogspot.com/2012/08/the-invisible-lives-we-do-not-see.html (You can read the entire post below).

PLEASE sign the petition and spread the word! ICE acts in a cloak of silence and invisibility, but if there is enough attention around Polo and his family, they could be spared. Our current system is broken, and countless families are suffering as a result.

Thank you so much for your help and support.  Continue reading
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