Is Marriage Equality Constitutional?

by David Kay, ’16

dems flyerWhen I realized I was gay just a few years after Proposition 8 passed in my state, I knew that marriage equality had to happen. Yes, it’s about the benefits — 1,138 on the federal level and more depending on the state — but more than that it’s about starting to amend the feelings of ostracization and rejection that mainstream society has always shown the LGBT community.  Denying us marriage is just another way of making us different.  Unfortunately, it is not a subject that receives many intelligent discussions; the only argument we usually hear from figures of authority on the subject is “I believe marriage is [insert view here]” (or Rick Santorum’s “a napkin is not a car” speech — don’t worry Rick, I could never forget you). 

That is why I am excited to learn more about this crucial struggle at the Stanford Democrats’ upcoming event, “Is Marriage Equality Constitutional?”  There will be a balanced and intellectual discussion from two experts, Fellow William Baude and Professor Jane Schacter who really know about the subject.  Hopefully we will all leave understanding in greater detail how this struggle, one that I consider to be the civil rights movement of our generation, is interacting with our nation’s highest court.  Please comment below to tell us why you are planning on coming to our event, or if you have any questions you would like the panelists to address.

David is a freshman at Stanford involved in the Stanford Democrats and the Stanford Wind Ensemble. He is currently deciding between a major in political science and public policy.

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