Stanford Solidarity With Real Talk Dartmouth

As students committed to resisting sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, classism, and other systems of oppression at Stanford University, we are in solidarity with our peers who carried out a protest at Dartmouth College’s admit weekend.  We are outraged at the violent harassment they have been met with, including threats to their personal safety, as well as other aggressive and oppressive remarks.  They have brought important conversations to the Dartmouth student body regarding sexual violence, harassment, and racism.  The reactions the protestors are receiving demonstrate the need for their action and continued resistance.

We oppose violence.  We maintain solidarity with everyone who has been silenced, everyone who is hurting, everyone who acknowledges the need for change, both at Dartmouth and here at Stanford.

See the following link for more information about these students’ work:


Stanford Students for Queer Liberation
Stanford NAACP
Students for Reproductive Justice at Stanford
Stanford STATIC
ASSU Community Action Board
Stanford Says No To War
Students for Palestinian Equal Rights
Stanford Spoken Word Collective
Appetite for Change
Stanford Asian American Activism Committee

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3 thoughts on “Stanford Solidarity With Real Talk Dartmouth

  1. Dartmouth '16 says:

    Please do not buy into the media’s spin on this issue. The outrage at #RealTalk is largely due to the manner in which they conveyed their message, and the fact that many of their signs were manipulative and false. For instance, their trope about “95% of sexual assaults unreported” — that’s just not true. While only 5% are reported to Hanover Police, far more sexual assault cases are dealt with internally within Dartmouth. Yes, Dartmouth — like most other schools — has its problems, but the polarized and extreme way this message was conveyed really took away from its effectiveness. Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad these issues were brought to the center of campus debate, but #RealTalk should never have used propaganda in such an extremist and manipulative manner.

    There’s also the issue of hypocrisy. The community which gives #RealTalk its wings is one of the most biased and discriminatory communities within Dartmouth. Many people within the community have an image in their minds of the ideal member as someone who subverts heteronormativity by appearance, who cannot be a member of certain ethnic groups (specifically Asians and South Asians) and who look a certain way. I can personally attest to this as a South Asian, straight-looking-and-acting woman who has felt discriminated against by members of this community. RealTalk would do well to address its own problems with bias before attacking the Dartmouth community as a whole.

  2. Dartmouth '14 says:

    ^ I don’t.

  3. Dartmouth '12 says:

    I think Stanford is confused or misled as to what RealTalk is actually about.

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