Stanford Activist Tour

by Sunli Kim, ’15

Activist Tour Updated 2-01The Stanford Asian American Activist Committee invites all interested students and ProFros to the Stanford Activist Tour, created in recognition of the need to show the physical spaces and communities on campus involved in struggles and disputes in Stanford history. These histories are not quite as broadcasted as the campus’ architectural achievements, but they provide crucial context for contemporary groups and activism at Stanford.

The Activist Tour will provide a space to learn from the struggles of previous and current generations of activists and to shed light on the injustices, controversies, and community victories in Stanford’s past and present. We hope it will encourage participants to take action and identify key resources that allow students to hold the university accountable to its mission for social good. Many of the programs, community centers, services and resources for minority groups were the result of years-long student campaigns that have faded to the background.

Join us to learn more about the history of activism on campus. That said, you don’t need to identify as an activist to join or benefit from this tour; it’s a medium for us to learn more about lesser-known aspects of the campus, and to help us all think about how historical movements and student action made the current social scene on campus!

We will be meeting in front of the bookstore on Saturday, 4/27 at 3 PM, and we will walk around campus for roughly an hour. Early birds get free Jamba Juice!

If you can’t make it, don’t fret! We’ll be placing posters and maps at key spots to show passersby the history of oppression, struggles, victories, and social issues at our campus, as well as how that history is reflected in today’s active groups.


Sunli is a Sophomore involved with SAAAC, the Stanford Asian American Activism Committee.

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