Teaching Students to Give Back

by Sarah Moore, ’15 + Josee Smith, ’15


There are many student groups on campus devoted to improving the academic lives of elementary school students in subjects like reading, math, and computer proficiency, for example.

While we understand that this academic support is beneficial and important for the child, we also believe that it is important to promote the values of giving back to one’s community.

We are interested in expanding the outlook of local children’s lives to include more than just their friends and families, but also the other people in their communities, such as senior citizens, un-housed individuals, and the underprivileged.

With this goal in mind, we would like to start a student group to lead a local after-school program dedicated to teaching elementary school kids about the importance of becoming an involved member of their community, through various activities such as community service, lessons on character enrichment, the promotion of helpful attitudes, etc.

We want to create a program that allows kids to give back to their community at a young age, filling a need in the Stanford community by providing a way for students to better the lives of children through more than just academics. Our plan is to start this program at East Palo Alto Charter School, an elementary school in a resource-deprived neighborhood that would benefit from this type of enrichment.

If you are interested in becoming involved and turning this idea into a student group, please email Sarah Moore (smoore6@stanford.edu) or Josee Smith (jsmith11@stanford.edu) as soon as possible, expressing your interest.

Sarah Moore and Josee Smith are both Anthropology majors. They are interested in working with children and improving the communities around them.

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