The Sexual Health Peer Resource Center: A “Good First Stop” For Stanford Students

by Lina Schmidt, ’15

Screen Shot 2013-01-06 at 9.06.18 PMThe Sexual Health Peer Resource Center (SHPRC) is located on the second floor of Vaden Health Center. A great resource for students regardless of their sexual activity, the SHPRC offers a wide variety of services for little or no cost. The counselors at the SHPRC want all students to be aware of changes in the center’s budget: recent changes in funding allow students to access many products for reduced prices. Additionally, each student may access $3 credit at the SHPRC!

The Sexual Health Peer Resource Center is important to campus life for its promotion of safe, responsible sex and its inclusive attitude toward sexual identity. While many people are aware that they have access to condoms, students should also know that they may access many other products related to sexual health, including female condoms, personal lubricant, and pregnancy tests. Additionally, counselors at the SHPRC have been trained in both sexual health and peer counseling: they are available to speak with students in person, over the phone, or via livechat on the SHPRC website, which can be done anonymously.

It cannot be stressed enough that a college campus must have a supportive, inclusive dialogue around sexuality. To this end, the SHPRC also offers a diverse library of both fiction and nonfiction titles, aimed toward a range of sexual identities. Students interested in promoting such inclusivity in sexual health or in becoming SHPRC counselors may enroll in EDUC 193A: Core Peer Counseling Skills and EDUC 193S: Peer Counseling on Comprehensive Sexual Health.

The SHPRC can be accessed on their website, on Facebook, on Twitter, or at 650-SAFE-SEX (723-3739).

Lina Schmidt is a sophomore from Bainbridge Island, Washington. Currently undeclared, she enjoys playing music and is interested in how gender and sexuality affect musical performance. She plans to take SHPRC training courses next quarter and hopes to see you there! She can be reached at

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