Stop the Clark Center Layoffs

by the Stanford Labor Action Coalition

Below is an open letter from the Stanford Labor Action Coalition to the Stanford administration concerning the impending layoffs of seven workers at the James H. Clark Center. These layoffs follow from the administration’s decision to subcontract janitorial services to Flagship Facility Services. By deciding to subcontract these services, rather than maintain direct hiring practices, the administration has decided to relinquish their responsibility to protect workers from increasingly insecure working conditions.

The early winter quarter date chosen for these layoffs assumes students will be unable to fight back during the break. We hope the Stanford community will undermine this cynical calculus. Join us in defense of the workers slated to lose their jobs on January 9th by:

  • emailing to join the SLAC mailing list
  • attending SLAC Meetings – winter quarter time TBA
  • staying tuned for more updates on the status of the Clark Center workers

John L. Hennessey, Stanford University President
Amir Dan Rubin, SHC President and Chief Executive Officer
Heideh Fattaey, Bio-X Executive Director of Operations & Programs
Jennifer Derksen, Clark Center Facilities Manager

Dear Stanford University Administrators,

We recently learned that the seven janitors at the James H. Clark Center will be laid off on January 9th. These workers were asked to either accept a severance package or re-apply for part-time jobs, due to the subcontracting of janitorial services to Flagship Facility Services. We are writing to you to express our concern over the recent layoffs and to demand that all workers seeking to be re-hired be granted employment immediately in full-time positions equivalent to their current work, and with the same benefits. It is highly unfortunate that Stanford did not to immediately transfer the jobs of existing workers when changing subcontractors, particularly because the workers have been employed by Stanford for many years and would not need additional training. It is also unjust to imperil the jobs of dedicated workers and sacrifice quality services in order to cut costs and decrease institutional accountability.

Lastly, we believe that this is an issue of concern for the Stanford community, and will publicize this letter accordingly. If workers are not granted employment at full-time status, members of the Stanford community will take action to ensure justice. Please contact us at if you would like to discuss this issue further or have any questions regarding our concerns.

Stanford Labor Action Coalition

The Stanford Labor Action Coalition acts as an advocate for all workers on Stanford’s campus, amplifying their voices and concerns through worker-student solidarity.

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