A Message from STATIC Outreach Team: Submit to the STATIC Journal!

Hello readers and writers!

This year, we have talked to a lot of passionate, talented people with great ideas. We have also talked to some people who are hesitant about sharing their ideas, particularly in a public space such as STATIC. If you are considering a submission, this message is for you: we want your voice to be heard! The STATIC journal, which publishes both writing and artwork, is currently accepting submissions. Your essay, narrative, poem, painting, or photograph could be featured in printed form this winter! This is not meant to intimidate, nor is the journal format meant to be prescriptive. We respect you for creating something out of what is important to you! It is your ideas, ultimately, that will shape the journal.

Writers: Keep in mind that there is no one group, mindset, or level of experience at which good ideas are created. STATIC editors are present not as barriers to submission, but to help you organize and streamline your writing. Taking courses or being a member of an organization certainly inspires many articles – but good ideas also occur on the level of casual conversation. If something catches your interest, write about it! Encourage your friends to do the same.

Artists: If you are a progressive-minded artist, or someone who likes to create visual art, please consider submitting! The STATIC journal is particularly interested in receiving submissions of artwork. Keep in mind that we are looking for no single vision or message.

Guidelines for submission: There are few guidelines for print submissions to STATIC. Please refer to the guidelines for submissions to the STATIC blog, but written pieces should ideally be longer. Please contact stanfordstatic@gmail.com if you have any questions!

STATIC will be hosting a writing and brainstorming workshop for those who are interested in submitting to the journal. The time and location will be announced soon!

Happy writing,

STATIC Outreach


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