Occupy Education

by Emma Wilde Botta, ’14

Go to Berkeley on March 1st.

March 1st is a Thursday. It is a Thursday dangerously close to the end of the quarter. I know that you probably have class or work or other important things going on that day. Nevertheless, I ask that you set them aside, if you can, and go to Berkeley.

You may think that you going to Berkeley means nothing and does nothing to further the cause of public education. I understand your hesitation. I challenge you to go anyways. If you go and are absolutely unmoved or unchanged by the experience, then you spent a Thursday off campus.

I predict that you will not be disappointed.

I have found that when you join with others to stand for an issue that you deeply care about, you feel a powerful sense of oneness with those around you. The feeling that you are not alone in your belief that change is possible, that another world is possible if we can work together to create it, the feeling that you are not crazy to believe in the alleged impossible, that you are not wasting your time, your effort, your energy on a pointless endeavor.

You feel connected to the reformers and revolutionaries alike who have stood against oppression in all forms and for human dignity and freedom. We forget that although many movements had leaders and these leaders’ names appear in history textbooks, it is primarily “the countless small actions of unknown people” that shape history.

Go to Berkeley. Only through collaboration and trusting others will any movement be sustained. We need to work together. Where our efforts overlap, we must join and support each other in the struggle.

Simply, go to Berkeley on March 1st. Don’t let this moment pass you by. Join the movement.


Emma began occupying/decolonizing in September of last year. She has been active in SF, Oakland, and Stanford. She really wants YOU to go to Berkeley on March 1st and show your support of public education. If you have any questions or want to chat, email her at emmawb@stanford.edu.



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One thought on “Occupy Education

  1. Roof says:

    Go!!! Movement is good

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