Stanford: End Cuts and Threats Against Dining Hall Workers

Please sign in support of Stanford dining hall workers!

Thank you for your support of the Row chefs and hashers. In a meeting today, Vice Provost Boardman and Dean Golder promised to work with Stanford Labor Action Coalition and student Row staff on integrating the demands from our previous petition into future contracts. Yet reports of the effects of cost-cutting on workers continue to come from food service workers on the Row and in the dining halls. In dining halls, administration has cut staff, hours, and benefits, while forcing work speed-ups and hiring lower-paid, temporary workers over full-time employees. We object to these changes, and ask that you join us by signing our petition below.

End Cuts and Threats Against Dining Hall Workers
In the past few years, Stanford Residential and Dining Enterprises (R&DE)has expanded to include four additional residences and the Arrillaga Family Dining Commons while cutting the number of workers and the hours of the workers who remain. Adding insult to injury, R&DE managers also disrespect, threaten, and intimidate workers while manipulating their hours, breaks, and days off, committing multiple violations of federal and state labor law and the workers’ collective bargaining agreement.In addition to these speed-ups, R&DE has reduced many workers to part-time, 75% status, even though they still assign many of these workers a 40-hour weekly workload. Being at 75% status means these workers’ benefits, including health care, vacation pay, and accrued time towards retirement, are significantly reduced. R&DE has also fired permanent workers only to rehire them as temporary workers, reducing their pay and benefits and eliminating their ability to join a labor union.Managers also insult and demean their employees’ work as valueless. Managers have called their employees’ work “children’s work” and have yelled at them to work faster. Some R&DE managers have prohibited workers from talking to students and, when they do, threatened to move them to work at Arrillaga Dining, which already has a notorious reputation among the workers as one of the worst working environments.

While workers have faced many of these problems for years, Stanford administration continues to justify greater cuts and worsening conditions – both in Dining and on the Row – with the economic crisis. Stanford offers this reasoning despite consistently increasing tuition, board, and housing bills and having one of the largest endowments in the world, which increased by 22% last fiscal year. Stanford administration clearly does not need to cut workers’ compensation but nevertheless uses the dismal job market to frighten workers into accepting cuts and worsening conditions. Stanford shouldn’t follow this shameful trend of making cuts on the backs of hard-working people but rather should set an example by providing good, secure jobs in Dining, Row houses, and all parts of campus.

In light of the above facts we demand that Stanford University:

  • return all workers to permanent, full-time status with full-time benefits as defined in the workers’ collective bargaining agreement
  • ban temporary hiring until all part-time workers are employed as full-time workers as required by the collective bargaining agreement
  • increase the number of full-time, permanent employees by an amount proportionate to the recent expansion in students served and meals provided by R&DE
  • end intimidation against talking to students
  • ensure supervisors respect workers and value their work as required by Stanford policy and R&DE Core Values
  • standardize work schedules so that workers know their break days at least 30 calendar days in advance as required by the collective bargaining agreement
  • give workers proper meal and rest breaks, spaced throughout their shifts as required by state and federal law
  • ensure that if workers show up to work, they work at least half of their regular shift as required by state and federal law
  • provide opportunities, including training if needed, for workers at part-time status to supplement their labor with alternate work in order to reach full-time status
  • prevent food waste by ending the practice of forcing workers to throw out leftover food, for example by allowing students to take to-go boxes and coordinating with appropriate student groups
  • ensure ingredients arrive on time for workers to properly prepare them
  • pay overtime when it is earned as required by state and federal law
  • for workers who work above their classification, pay them wages due for the classification they worked (this should not be construed to pay workers below their classification) as required by the collective bargaining agreement
  • when supervisors need to fill work, they should give workers priority based on seniority, then classification.

Sign the petition:

The Stanford Labor Action Coalition acts as an advocate for all workers on Stanford’s campus, amplifying their voices and concerns through worker-student solidarity.

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2 thoughts on “Stanford: End Cuts and Threats Against Dining Hall Workers

  1. Laurel says:

    Thank you STATIC! We’re aware that the new link stopped working (although 84 people were able to sign it). We’re not sure what the problem is, but we’re trying to resolve it as quickly as possible and we’ll update everyone when it works. I will post a new link as soon as possible.

  2. From the article:
    “Adding insult to injury, R&DE managers also disrespect, threaten, and intimidate workers while manipulating their hours, breaks, and days off, committing multiple violations of federal and state labor law and the workers’ collective bargaining agreement.”

    You’re leveling an accusation against the R&DE managers that would best backed up whenever you post it. As your article stands, your demonstration of claims, insofar as it exists, is congruent to sloppy work characterizing the unserious, and possibly slanderous (in a literal if not legal sense). Go ahead and fix that. Some footage will be splendid.

    Also, note item 2.1 in the Collective Bargaining Agreement between SEIU and The Board of Trustees (linked in article):

    “It shall be a condition of employment that all workers hired under the terms of this Agreement, on or before completion of the trial period specified in 6.16 (Job Classifications), either shall tender to the Union a service fee equal to the periodic dues uniformly required of Union members or shall become a member of the Union in good standing.”


    How cute. The reader is coaxed to root for an agreement that pushes employees to join a union and pay its dues, whether or not the electing worker reckons themself better off negotiating their own individual terms of hire! It immediately beckons investigations into whether potential and former employees are simply accepting positions that R&DE can fit in its budget; and into whether there exist workers perceive the collective bargain as disadvantageous.

    This imprudence is costing you credibility with your supporters. Love.

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