Occupy Wall Street West

by Anna McConnell, ’14

Stanford! Ready to get involved in the global movement and see what Occupy is really about? Come out on Friday to Occupy Wall Street West! January 20th is the anniversary eve of the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling which further privileged corporations over people in our Constitution. There are actions in both San Francisco and San Jose to protest this ruling and our country’s current economic and political state. Please fill out this form or reply to me directly (almcconn@stanford.edu) if you are interested in going! We are organizing transportation, so if you are ready to fight for equality and your rights as a REAL person, join us on Friday.

Friday, January 20

San Francisco Financial District
of the Wall St. banks & corporations attacking our communities, homes, education, environment, livelihood, and democracy


  • A day of mass action centered in the SF Financial District involving mass occupation, mobilization, nonviolent direct action and disobedience.
  • We ask people, groups, movements and communities from San Francisco, the Bay Area and across California to self-organize and take action with us to disrupt business-as-usual—either at a bank or corporation where you are drawn to act or at one initiated by other participants.
  • Many ways to participate without risk of arrest!
  • There will be an all-day orientation site at Bradley Manning/Justin Herman Plaza where unaffiliated folks can get information, including where and how to plug into actions, with mobilization times at 6:00 am (Wall St. West starts when Wall St. East starts!), 12:00 noon and 5:00 pm.


  • To end corporate personhood! Corporations are NOT people; Money is NOT speech. January 20th is the anniversary eve of the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling, which further privileged corporations over people in our Constitution.
  • To expose how Wall St. operates in our midst, attacking our communities, homes, livelihoods, education, environment, democracy, and health.
  • To demand that banks stop foreclosing on our neighbors and evicting them from their homes for profit.
  • To contribute to ongoing community fights for social and economic justice against banks and corporations.
  • To build and mobilize a broad-based, strategic mass movement asserting the people power of the 99% in San Francisco, the Bay Area, California and the region.

Friday, January 20, Noon-1:00 PM

  • 161 North First Street, San Jose
  • Map and transit information at: http://scc-mta.org/Jan20Map
  • Join our rally at The Old Courthouse in San Jose, where “corporate personhood” got started in the 1886 decision of Southern Pacific Railroad v. Santa Clara County.  March with us to the Federal Court and City Hall from 1:00-2:00.
Stop by Occupy Meyer anytime and start a conversation about corporate personhood, your rights, or anything you want to change in the world.

Peace and solidarity,
Anna and friends

Anna is a sophomore, affiliated with Occupy Stanford and surrounding Occupy’s in the Bay Area. She is trying to get motivated students excited about direct action.
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