TODAY: Occupy the Future

Attend the Occupy the Future Teach-In, Rally,
and Public Forum TODAY, December 9th!

[see below for complete schedule of events]


12:15 – 1:15 pm (concurrent sessions)

    • “Mortality in the United States,” James Holland Jones, Associate Professor of Anthropology [Oak Lounge]
    • “The Impact of Economic Inequality on Health Care and Health Status,” Don Barr, Associate Professor of Pediatrics [Hillel – Kehillah]
    • “Health Equity and Inequity,” Mark Cullen, Professor of Medicine [LKSC 102]
    • “The Widening Achievement Gap Between the Rich and the Poor,” Sean Reardon, Associate Professor of Education [Old Union 200]
    • “Plans of Action on Issues of Educational Inequality at Stanford and in the U.S,” Students enrolled in the EAST House Seminar [EAST House Dining Room (lunch included)]
    • “What is the Role of Art and Artists in Social Justice?,” Jeff Chang and the Institute for Diversity in the Arts [Harmony House]
    • “Organizing for Equality,” Stanford NAACP [Lagunita Dining]
    • “Race and Inequality at Occupy Wall Street,”Adam Hudson [Old Union 215]
    • “Our Global Commitment to Equity,” Michele Barry, Professor of Medicine; Tomer Perry, Graduate Student [Wilbur Dining]
    • General Assembly, Occupy Stanford [Meyer Library]
    • “Equity and the Environment,” Paul R. Ehrlich, Bing Professor of Population Studies; Nicole Wires, Food Systems Change Coordinator at Collective Roots; Students for a Sustainable Stanford [Stern Dining]
    • “The Diversity of Objections to Inequality,” Debra Satz, Marta Sutton Weeks Professor of Ethics in Society [Native American Cultural Center (NACC) Main Room]
    • “Ethics and Politics of Inequality,” Rob Reich, Associate Professor of Political Science and Shimaa Helmy [Arrillaga Dining]
    • “Addressing Political Inequality,” David Laitin, Watkins Professor of Political Science; Susan Holmes, Professor of Statistics; Frances Zlotnick, Graduate Student in Political Sciences [El Centro Chicano Lounge]
    • “Economic Inequality and Political Remedies,” David Grusky, Professor of Sociology [Cypress Rooms]


1:30 – 3:00 pm: Rally in White Plaza. See the flyer. Former Stanford President Donald Kennedy will be speaking!

Open Space Discussion

3:00 – 5:00 pm: Public Forum Discussion at the Oak Room, Tresidder Student Union.

  • This discussion, facilitated by Michelle Vilchez (Executive Director at the Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center), will focus on developing individual and collective commitments to end inequality, live sustainably, and strengthen our democracy.

Post-Discussion Activities

  • 5:30-6:30 pm – Can the People Rule? Discussion hosted by IHUM students at CoHo in the Tressider Union.
  • 7:30-9:30 pm – #Occupy Poetry: Reclaiming Our Words, Stanford Spoken Word Collective Open Mic and Fall Showcase at Black Community Service Center, Brandon Family Community Room. Open mic 7:30-8 pm; showcase 8-9:30 pm
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One thought on “TODAY: Occupy the Future

  1. […] a month ago, Michael Tubbs asked us whether our gathering in White Plaza for the Occupy the Future rally would be a moment or a movement. Listen to his speech if you missed it or need to refresh […]

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